Tera Klymenko
Professional Services Coordinator & Yoga Instructor

Tera is a living, moving, breathing example of the positive effects yoga can bring to life. It is her passion and honor to share all of these benefits with the her students. Core teachings involve learning to connect to and develop the deepest essence of your being, living fully in your body and owning your earthly experience. All of this is accomplished utilizing moving, flowing mediation.

Tera has practiced Yoga since 2001 and teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa and gentle yoga. Synchronizing Pranayama (breath work) with expansive Ashtanga postures, and guided meditation, practitioners experience increased clarity of mind, calm focused awareness and physical vitality. Tera believes everyone is capable of practicing yoga and absorbing the healthful benefits it offers us and it is her goal to share it with as many people possible.