Shawna Bowen MA

Shawna received her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and emphasizes the “whole client,” exploring how therapy, mindfulness, self-care, nutrition, exercise, and other factors can be brought together for successful outcomes.

Among her specialties are depression, anxiety, recovery from assault, maintaining long-term sobriety, and dual diagnosis issues. She is always working with her clients to help define how old habits are holding them back, and how new habits can project them forward. She is especially interested in helping clients establish a sense of self-worth and fully meet their potential.

Shawna is a lifetime learner and has expanded her counselor background by being nationally certified as a health coach and personal trainer as well as being a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist. She’s known for her dynamic motivational speaking events and engaging group therapy sessions. Her care and empathy for others is vast and immediately felt by those she works with.

When Shawna is not working with clients, you will find her enjoying many outside activities including water skiing, paddle boarding, disc golfing, hiking, or doing Qigong out on the red rocks of Sedona. Shawna also has been playing guitar since she was 11 performing in all-female heavy metal and punk bands in the late 80’s and 90s. She continues to write, perform and record music today.