Rod Adams, MS
Primary Therapist

Rod holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University.  Currently Rod is pursuing his PhD in Counseling Psychology from Northern Arizona University, where he also earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.Rod brings wealth of experience to his work at Red Mountain Sedona.  Rod began his career as a substance abuse counselor working with a variety of students.  After returning to Arizona, Rod has spent more than a decade as both a therapist and administrator in residential treatment.  Rod specializes in working with emerging adults, helping them make the transition from adolescence to independent adulthood.  Rod’s training and areas of expertise include; CBT, DBT, substance use treatment and recovery, mindfulness-based therapy, attachment and trauma, oppositional defiant disorders and family systems therapy.

Rod strongly believes in the use of mindfulness practices such as meditation to aid recovery and healing.  As a therapist at Red Mountain, Rod helps students build upon the insights and realizations gained from the meditative and reflective process. As a result, students are able to use these tools to overcome struggles, become centered and make sound decisions for their future.

Rod’s personal interests include spending time with his family, golf, fishing and photography.  Rod’s commitment to education and lifelong learning also serves to help inspire and encourage Red Mountain students along their educational paths.