Mike Brown
Director of Business Development

Mike originally came to Red Mountain as a student after completing a therapeutic wilderness program. This experience along with his collegiate and sales background make Mike a natural fit for the admissions team at RMS. Mike initially started his employment with RMS as a Student Mentor. In this role he demonstrated the clear ability to help students integrate into the Red Mountain program, helping them work through fears and reservations. Mike has also been instrumental in helping alumni stay connected to the program and continue to be part of the RMS community. With these talents it quickly became clear that we needed Mike to take on these roles full time in Admissions and Alumni coordination.

As Mike continued to grow in these roles and contribute to the RMS experience for so many students, we asked him to shift full-time into student support as a Case Manager. Mike’s talents allow him to work with students in a variety ways, helping them take the necessary steps to achieve sustainable independence. Mike also maintains a connection to the admissions process by being a resource to prospective students, answering questions and giving them a unique view into the process, as only a former student can do.

When asked why he wanted to work at Red Mountain Sedona Mike responded “I truly believe that if it were not for Red Mountain and the therapeutic work I did here with my therapist and the rest of the clinical team I would not be alive today. Working at Red Mountain and being with our students in such a positive/supportive community helps me continue living a healthy and gratifying life today.”