Mary Mugrage
Director of Staff Development

Mary joined the Red Mountain Sedona team in 2017 as a Life Skills Mentor and quickly proved to be a mindful leader with the team. She brings a wealth of experience from healthcare, non-profit and corporate environments.

A compassionate, hard-working team member originally from North Carolina, Mary attributes her strong work ethic to her father, retired US Navy and humor-filled practicality to her mother. In addition to her work recruiting and onboarding new staff she supports all staff as they grow in their roles.

When not at work you will find Mary visiting friends across the country & abroad. Her enthusiastic co-pilot on every road trip is her 10-year-old Border Collie/Lab mix “Scotty” named after her youngest brother who passed away from alcoholism. When describing her connection to Red Mountain Sedona, Mary shares “The work we do resonates on a personal level with my journey in recovery. Experiencing loss, of several family members, to complications from addiction fuels the passion in the work we do. To witness students transform as they make their way through to graduation is inspiring beyond words. Each day I am in awe of the courage they have to show up and do the hard work!”