Lucas Duderstadt, MS

    Lucas Duderstadt, MS
    Senior Case Manager

    Lucas is an alumnus of Red Mountain Sedona and loves to help foster student growth utilizing many of the same methods that helped him to succeed while in the program. He attended Xavier University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. He also attended Mississippi College where he received a Master’s in Biological Sciences.

    Working as a Red Mountain Sedona mentor for two years, Lucas established himself as a very calm, collected, and compassionate individual capable of holding space for students. He found that witnessing transformations in others has been just as rewarding as his own personal journey.

    Lucas also worked as a full-time State Park Ranger. This experience instilled a strong work ethic—both physically and mentally—as well as a great love for the outdoors and its conservation. Because of this, Lucas connects well with student who transition to Red Mountain from wilderness therapy programs.

    Because of his success in his role as a mentor, Lucas was given the opportunity to use his skillset as a case manager in 2019. Lucas excels in meeting students where they are mentally and emotionally in a gentle, non-judgmental way so that they feel safe and assured in completing the work necessary to move forward in the program.