Leah Lumeya, MSW
Primary Therapist

Leah holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University. Her broad range of skills and experience include trauma, substance use and abuse, program formation and management, and adoption. She’s worked in a wide variety of environments, including as a therapist, clinical specialist, foster parent, and international peace builder,

Leah’s experiences of working with the Pennsylvania foster care system, and adopting seven children compelled her to focus her training on a specialization in Traumatic Stress Studies, and to recognize the importance of Mindfulness-Based practices as she found these methodologies to be specifically useful with her own children as well as the traumatized children in her care and their families.

Using this knowledge, experience and skills Leah worked as a Clinical Specialist for an organization focusing on adults with developmental and intellectual challenges.Sh e developed trauma informed programs and training modules; provided therapy for individuals, groups, and teams; supervised behavioral support specialists; and worked with multi-disciplinary teams.

Leah moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa in 2019, where she explored indigenous traditions regarding trauma and peace practices. In partnership with her husband, she established the Congo Ubuntu Peace Building Center in Kinshasa. Training programs combining peace building, trauma education, and mindfulness-based practices were developed and this work continues as they now collaborate with the programs remotely.

Leah is known at Red Mountain for her warm, welcoming demeanor and ability to connect easily with virtually anyone. She is the walking definition of unflappable, and describes herself as curious, contemplative, artsy, and a life-long learner. When not employing her clinical skills at Red Mountain, she enjoys photography, creating digital art, playing in clay, writing, exploring nature, settling in spiritual practices, and spending time with friends and family.