Josh Masterson, LMSW
Primary Therapist

Josh holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis where he gained experience working in both hospital and school settings. His prior work as a wilderness therapy guide in Southwestern Utah also informs Josh’s work with students transitioning out of wilderness, and he brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to Red Mountain. Josh has spent significant time living and working in remote rural parts of the world and has been trained in various styles of meditation and energy work during his travels in Thailand and Myanmar, as well as Central and South America.

In addition to clinical work, Josh also brings experience leading youth in community service programs globally and managing restaurants, giving him a unique ability to authentically connect to a wide array of personalities and life stories. Josh enjoys engaging the whole family unit in supporting growth-oriented behaviors and relies on CBT as well as the Relational Cultural Therapy model to normalize the cycles of connection and disconnection that occur in our relationships.

Outside of work Josh enjoys playing basketball, trail running, reading and writing poetry, playing music, cooking with friends, spending time in remote outdoor spaces, rock climbing, and honing his DJ skills.