Ezra Werthan
Case Manager

An alumnus of Red Mountain, it was Ezra’s dream to work at Red Mountain when he was a student. After he graduated the program, Ezra lived and worked in Sedona before becoming a mentor at RMS. Ezra worked as a mentor for a year, using his experience as an alumnus to connect with students and support them through the program. He demonstrated an ability to balance being an enthusiastic, relatable, and dynamic presence while still holding strong therapeutic boundaries. This made him a natural fit to become a case manager in July of 2020. As a case manager, he brings excitement and accountability to his interactions with students.

Ezra believes in the Red Mountain process wholeheartedly as he experienced how it completely changed his life. This has only grown as he has seen students’ transformative journeys through the program from the perspective of a staff member.

Ezra is working on a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and intends to pursue a career in clinical psychology with a focus on trauma therapy.

When not working, Ezra enjoys exploring Sedona, cooking, traveling, and spending time with his cat.