Demi Schmieder, MA, LISAC, LAC
Primary Therapist

Demi grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and played division one soccer at Northern Arizona University. After tearing her ACL at the end of her freshman year, she began practicing yoga and meditation as a way to regain physical and mental health, which began her journey as a mental health professional.
She later became a certified yoga teacher and spent years teaching before deciding to pursue graduate-level mental health training.  Demi subsequently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling. She utilizes CBT, DBT, hypnotherapy and somatic therapy and specializes in working with anxiety, depression, substance use, trauma, and other ancillary issues.

In her free time, Demi enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, swimming, running, snowboarding or camping amongst the pine trees and red rocks. Demi also likes to read, write and create art.