Deara Ball, MS
Director of Outreach

Deara Ball enthusiastically joined Red Mountain Sedona in the summer of 2018. A clinician by training, she transitioned to referral outreach in 2013 after working for several years as a therapist in a variety of settings, including a public high school, a boarding school and a wilderness therapy program. Deara received her master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology from Indiana University and has worked in Admissions and Marketing in Asheville, NC and Boulder, CO.Her role at Red Mountain Sedona suitably combines her clinical skills with her background in English and journalism.

Deara’s ability to make connections with people, while also communicating and gathering necessary information, is crucial to ensuring that professionals, potential students and their families truly understand the Red Mountain program.
Deara loves the outdoors and is an enthusiastic pet owner, spending much of her free time with her two dogs, Sophie and Chuck. Aside from caring for her animals, in her free time, Deara loves practicing yoga, dancing, reading, hiking and eating donuts.