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To Say This Place Helped Me Get My Life Together is an Understatement

I arrived at Red Mountain fresh out of a wilderness therapy program. I felt good at that time, but I think I had a bit of a “wilderness high” which is something that gets a lot of people in trouble because you think you can do things right after wilderness that you can’t really do...

Red Mountain Does A Great Job

Red Mountain does a great job of helping you learn how to deal with life in general. The staff does a nice job of relating to you as an individual. What I feel about Red Mountain is you come in a patient, and leave a person. What I mean by that is that you go from being dependent on others to being ..

I Feel Grateful And Happy

When I first came to Red Mountain, I was afraid and nervous. I thought I could cope with my life and didn’t want to face that I did not yet have the skills to do so. During my time at Red Mountain, I realized how susceptible I am to others’ influence and how in the past my choice of frie..

We Feel Blessed To Have Had This Experience

My wife and I had a significant journey trying to assist a developing young man with anger, defiance, and addiction related issues. We exhausted a tremendous amount of time and resources doing everything feasible to support our son and help him recover from his impulsivity and behavioral and self-es..

How Do You Thank Someone For Giving Your Son Back?

How do you thank someone for giving your son back? After it became clear that our son’s life in college had spiraled out of control due to poor impulses, Narcissistic behavior and drug abuse, we determined that he was beyond his (or our) ability to turn things around.  We were so fortunat..

Red Mountain Is An Excellent Choice

As a person in recovery and the owner of a behavioral health clinic, I intimately know how critical it is to have reputable referral sources for clients and their families to ensure they receive the necessary care for their recovery from mental health issues and compulsive behaviors. Since there are..

We Are So Thankful to Have Found Red Mountain

Our son has struggled with drug addiction and behavioral issues for years. He’s been in multiple outpatient programs, a standard residential program and a wilderness program. As he was preparing to leave wilderness for the second time, we looked for aftercare. Our Educational Consultant spoke ..

The Greatest Respect

I have known Josh White for over 15 years as a colleague and a meditation student. During this time, Josh has always had the highest ethics and aspiration to help others to learn and grow beyond their self-limiting patterns. I have been struck by his passion for integrating therapy with mindfulness ..

Out of the Wilderness

I came to Red Mountain from a wilderness program, and the turning point was when Josh visited me there. I had a number of options, but none of them appealed to me. I wanted a place where I could ask, “Who am I?” questions. So Josh came to visit and He and I ended up walking around in the woods of Oregon for two hours. ..

Josh and His Team Truly Saved My Life

When I came to Red Mountain, I had nothing to lose. When I first got here, I knew I had a long road ahead. I was going into the unknown and I feared it. Little did I know the beautiful life that was waiting for me. ..

He Is Going To Do Great Things

We chose Red Mountain on the recommendation of my son’s therapist, who thought the emphasis on mindfulness, yoga, and martial arts would be beneficial to him. It turned out that the therapist was right and these aspects of the program were very helpful. My son had explored various religions in the past and found the meditation..

Everything We Could Have Hoped For

We had a list of places from an education consultant and after we talked with Stacey at Red Mountain, we said, “This is the place.” Stacey really listened and allayed all my fears. After our son talked with Josh, he said, “I don’t want to go anywhere else.” It was an amazing experience, and everything we could have hoped for

Our Son Was Homeless

After many years of making poor choices, accumulated debt, and failure to move forward toward a productive future,our son became homeless, and was sleeping on a park bench. We felt that our only offer of support at that point was in-patient treatment...

Red Mountain Was Tougher… And Better

When I completed wilderness therapy, I had two choices for my next step, and one of them was Red Mountain. After having a phone conversation with both of them, I decided on RMS. One reason was that when I talked with Josh ....